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I earned my BA in Communication from Marylhurst University in 2010 with a 4.0 GPA, and recognition as an outstanding adult student. I went on to earn my MA in Web Design & New Media from the Academy of Art University (San Francisco) in 2017 with a 3.63 GPA.

Rich Sprague

Marketing Consultant, Creative Director & Graphic Designer

When you have been working as long as I have, one undoubtedly has ups and downs, successes and failures. Especially when things are often out of one's control, or if one takes risks (like in business).

In the sense of accomplishments, my most rewarding experience was being chosen in 2014 by John Hancock, then president of Kargo Master, to be the company's first marketing services manager. In six years I helped the company grow its revenue by a cool $200M or so. The downfall for me:  Kargo Master was so successful that it was sold to a major corporation and my consulting position was eliminated. John and I are still close friends to this day.

Another thing I'm very proud of was helping Mark Dombrowski win a Justice of the Peace election in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the late 90s. He beat the incumbent by 119 votes with nearly 20,000 votes cast, and appointed me to be a Small Claims Court Judge for a year. What an experience!

Finally, and this goes back to the 60s, I was selected by the NCAA as the Official Scorer for the College World Series in Omaha in 1967 where Arizona State University won the Championship with the likes of Rick Monday, Sal Bando and Reggie Jackson.

I love my work. And I have been fortunate that 25 years after suffering what could be a life ending illness, I'm still very much alive and kicking, and doing what I like to do and what I am very good at.


A Glimpse of My Journey from 1960 to ...

Hot metal lead typesetting on a Linotype machine at the San Marino Tribune newspaper. My first foray into the graphics industry.

Official Statistician for the University of Arizona Wildcats basketball team. Typing a press release after the game. 

Staff photographer (using a Speed Graphic 4 x 5 camera) for the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat newspaper and the Desert yearbook.

Reading a report I had created and output from a computer which I used to reference statistical averages for the sports teams rather than doing long division by hand. This was just prior to calculators being invented.

Fast Forward to About 1997
Showing off a tourism guide which I produced for a tourism collaborative.

Sometime After
the Turn of the Century

You can just catch a glimpse behind my profile image of one of the first web pages I produced to promote my services.
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