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John Hancock

Fomer President, Kargo Master

Rich helped our business grow by

$200M in 6 years.

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I am the former president of Kargo Master. We are one of the largest manufacturers of truck racks, van racks and van interior equipment in the country, owned by Auto Truck Group, a division of Holman Enterprises … a multi-billion dollar a year company headquartered in New Jersey.


Rich Sprague and I first starting talking in early 2014. I had been discussing with a friend the company’s need for a marketing person and he introduced me to Rich. In early May I agreed to retain his services on a freelance basis ... by December I offered him a full-time consulting contract.


I was somewhat skeptical of Rich, because I had had poor success at finding creative people who had the skills and experience necessary to handle our marketing services needs. Also, I was under the impression that younger people were more in tune with current technology. Little did I know that he lives and dreams his work and how experienced he was in so many aspects of his profession ... that he embraces the technology advances with open arms.


Our firm did tens of millions of dollars of business in a year. Rich has been instrumental in helping our company increase our revenue some 6 times in 6 years. He has helped us create a ultra-professional brand look. As he has learned more about our company, his work reflects the knowledge he has gained about our business and as a lifelong learner.


Rich has invested 80-90 hours a week or more for our company ... by his own choice. At the same time while he was working for us, he was earning his Master’s Degree in Web Design & New Media at the Academy of Art University.


As he enters the golden age of his work career, he chose and mentored Doug Wyrick who has been selected by Holman to be the Marketing Services Manager. We are thrilled with his ability to vet and train Doug.


We were hard pressed to find someone with Rich’s skills, talent and commitment. With his deep and versatile skill set, I highly recommend Rich as a professional provider. He is competent, dedicated, and wants to give back what he has learned through his more than 50 years of work.


When he announced at our national sales meeting a year ago that he earned his Master’s Degree, I told him I was proud of him. And I was, and I am.

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