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Dennis Morelli

Freelance, Graphic Designer & Technician

Rich is one of the best practioners and instructors in the field.

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For the past 25 years MF Associates has been digitizing graphics and refining artwork created by other artists. During that time, it has been our pleasure to work with Rich Sprague on a number of logo designs as well as the design and publication of multi-page catalogs. Sometimes Rich worked with us in a supporting role, analyzing and critiquing our work and serving as our primary interface with printing companies. On other projects, we supported Rich, providing graphic services in accordance with his detailed instructions. In
all of our dealings with Rich, he was able to provide technical assistance with three essential graphics programs, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. We consider Rich to be a technical expert on these graphics programs, and his ability to explain in an understandable way exactly how to perform complex operations has been the key to successful completion of many of our collaborative projects.


We have also worked with Rich in a supporting role on several of his many website design projects. Just looking over several of the websites that Rich has created is convincing evidence that he is also an expert in this field. Not only are his websites very sophisticated and creative, but he has a natural ability to train others in the art of website design.

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