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30 Minutes for an Email Blast and Social Posts ... Really?

Monday morning at 11:25 am Scotty Litteral, owner of Il Forno Classico restaurant in Folsom, California, texted me frantically. Two seats had just opened up for his Secret Dinner that night. With food purchased for 14 guests, a loss of 2 patrons would be a significant loss of revenue.

The problem is that I had to leave for an appointment at exactly noon, which left me just 30 minutes to create an email blast and post the announcement to social media. The work is pretty basic, but I got it done in the nick of time and Scotty sold the two seats shortly thereafter.

The story and my ability and willingness to respond to a client's needs speaks for itself. Fortunately, I had already packed my things for the meeting, so I didn't have to totally panic ... just focus on the task at hand.

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