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Introducing Our New Client: HER Life Journey

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

HER Life Journey is dedicated to building self-worth and independence for women who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, and addiction. Through one-on-one peer support, transformative beauty treatments, and an ongoing sisterhood of support, our mission is to empower women so they may thrive and live a prosperous life.

Wednesday I received a call from Morris Rosas, a client and owner of the two MekaniksPlus auto repair locations in Camarillo & Oxnard (CA). It seems that his wife, Elena Rosas, is the executive director of HER Life Journey, a foundation which she recently created.

On behalf of HER foundation, Elena has been invited to participate in a big event in just two weeks. Morris asked if there was any way I could produce a 10 x 10 pop up tent and table cover before the event. At that moment all I knew is I had an incredible deadline to meet and little time to do it in.

Of course, I want to pull this off to help out and, naturally, build my client base. I dropped everything and discovered that if I had an approved design in 4 days, the materials could be delivered just in the nick of time. A day passed, and I finally spoke with Elena on Friday. In the meantime, I visited HER foundation and personal websites to learn more about HER ... HER vision ... HER goals ... what makes HER tick.

Elena is an amazing woman. Her two passions are: hair and empowering women. Here's a link to HER salon. She is described as fierce, beautiful & independent. She is HER.

More than just another rush project, I want to be involved ... to support her aspirations and the people who's lives she touches.

After speaking for a short while when she was driving to a meeting, we agreed on a price for the work. She will have proofs on Saturday and the finished products in time for her event.

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