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I love branding. Here's the new logo for The Collision Clinic.

It's a whole lotta fun taking an existing image and totally reworking it, or tweaking it to become more up to date and flexible.

In this case, the client, Raul Castellon of The Collision Clinic had a family member create the logo when he first started his business 3 years ago. When I started working with Raul shortly thereafter, I refined the logo a bit to make it more print and web friendly.

As Raul's business has evolved and grown, he thought it was time for a new look and turned to me to re-brand his business from the bottom up.

I love how black, gray, red and white work together. Raul has always liked blue, and as an ex-member of the military, has an affinity for patriotic colors: red, white and blue.

Thus, his new logo is red, white and blue, with black and shades of gray. I wanted an interesting font which is bold and will stand alone on his signage. Take a look and see how the white letters work on the blue façade, The sign company, Signarama of Ventura, will make 1" high white letters out of plastic which will be set off from the building using spacers.

The neat thing is that no lighting is required, which lessens the costs substantially. Also, there will be two sets of identical letters, which also will reduce the costs. The letters can be rendered in blue or white where appropriate.

This is an image which we have been using as the hero image for his brand on the website, social media, his reward card and other marketing materials. Notice how the lines of the car in the image above work in harmony with the graphic in the new logo.

The branding package will include a whole bunch of goodies, including signage, social media, business cards, brochures, water bottles, Raul's website, email blasts, and just about everything imaginable depending on his budget.

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