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I saved HER Life Journey money & submitted a proof in less than 24 hours

This handout is a prime example of why a client should just let me handle a project from start to finish. And it was a rush job, to boot.

Bottom line:

  1. I showed HER Life Journey a proof in less than 24 hours from the time I received her content outline.

  2. The executive director approved the proof and the printing was ordered the same day.

  3. The client, who is very busy, and has little experience buying printing, did not have to spend back and forth time with the printer.

  4. Staples price for 200 copies was $250+ and they had a poor selection of paper choices.

  5. I was able to arrange for the printing with Sir Speedy, a local printer in Camarillo who is located minutes from her husband's office, and the handout will be printed on the stock I wished to use. And the cost was $150 less than Staples.

  6. Mike Dunwell from Sir Speedy will call my client on Friday and she will have one trip to pick up the job.

  7. If I buy the printing, or manage the printing purchase, I can assure the client of receiving a quality product with minimum hassles.

  8. Generally, I purchase printing wholesale and add a very small handling charge. With my preferred pricing, the client is paying less to me than the retail price from the same vendor.

I'm not only a graphic designer, I'm an experienced print buyer who has owned and worked for several printing companies.

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