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Updated Sales Brochure for Access Systems

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I produced version 1.0 of this 16-page sales booklet for Access Systems, Inc. in 2013. Click this link to view the entire book in a flipbook format. If you wish, you can even download a copy.

The brochure certainly has withstood the test of time ... both in its usefulness and the design style. As it is now time for an update, the client has retained our services for the project. The owner is retiring and his son has become the president and leader of the company. They also have new projects to highlight. FYI, their clients are impressive organizations like California State University, the City of Sacramento, the Sacramento International Airport and the Crocker Art Museum (which is a magnificent building).

As an aside, as part of my Master's Degree program in 2018, I was required to rebrand an organization. I chose the Crocker Art Museum as I had done small design projects for them in the past. My branding book can be seen here.

We need images of the new president, Brandon Herd. RSA is pleased to offer the services of its partner photographer, Eddie Ostrowski, and will art direct the shoot so the new images will work in concert with the existing design. Eddie is a talented and versatile photographer. RSA is in the process of developing a new website for him which will showcase his outstanding work. Take a peek at his current portfolio here.

An important consideration in the production of this project is the management of the printed product. The client only needs 250 copies and many would choose digital printing over traditional lithography. While we utilize digital print for many projects, in this case it would be a poor choice as the piece really deserves the quality print due to the heavy ink coverage and our ability to put an aqueous gloss coating on the paper.

With RSA's wholesale print vendors we can offer phenomenal pricing for a first-class product. Our price for printing this project, including shipping, is only $700. The retail price for this project from our vendor, without shipping, is almost $800. We have been a print broker for decades and are print specialists, in addition to our other qualifications.

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