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Yum. A Website for One of the Best Pie Makers this Side of Chicago.

Scotty Litteral, owner of one of my other clients, the Il Forno Classico restaurant in Gold River, CA, and his family founded Pizzeria Classico in Old Town Folsom in 1985.

Their pizzas are the real thing ... widely recognized as the best in the area with one award right after another. There is no need to go to Chicago for an incredible pie.

I have some images which the client supplied, and others which I took a few years ago. But I thought it would be fun to show a plate with six slices of various pizzas. Note on the right a slice of a totally decadent deep dish pizza.

So I asked the RSA photographer partner, Eddie Ostrowski, to shoot a signature image for our new website. The result is just amazing ... both the pizzas and Eddie's image.

The site I'm creating will be different than any other pizza site out there. There will be no stock images or set up shots with guests. I just want to show great food and make it easy for one to choose a meal ... whether for dine-in, take-out or delivery.

One of the challenges that I face is that most menu apps or plugins for websites aren't all that great. In fact, a menu app I used years ago for Il Forno Classico's Wordpress website didn't get updated with one of Wordpress's infamous auto updates, and the site barfed.

I always think out of the box. I'm going to try a service that let's you create a menu online for a print version, then has a link which you can place on a web page, and the menu is reformatted to fit the page, including mobile.

The site will be launched before the end of October (2022) and I will update this story with a full link to the new site.

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